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Keto Cocktails and Keto Mocktails

Looking for some of the best keto cocktails on the web? This page will be updated frequently with sugar free, keto cocktails you can make at home and stay in ketosis.

There are several keto friendly, zero sugar alcohols like vodka, gin, rum and whiskey. It’s what you mix with the alcohol that tends to be a problem for keto. Fortunately, keto cocktails are simple to make by making a few simple substitutions like keto simple syrup and other sugar free options that allow you to still enjoy a cocktail while staying in ketosis.

It’s easy to make keto cocktails at home but what if you’re wondering what to order at a bar when you want to stay keto? Plain or flavored soda water as a mixer is always good. Alcohol isn’t required to have an ingredient label, so it’s best to stick with the basics of vodka, gin, rum and whiskey if you want to make sure your alcohol is sugar free. Other options when ordering keto at a bar include using a piece of fruit as flavor or a very small amount of fruit juice.

Wine is also a good option. Varieties like champagne and sauvignon blanc are naturally very low in sugar. Red wines generally have a bit more, but the average is somewhere around five grams of carbs per serving, so they can still work in moderation.

When drinking wine at home, I always go with Dry Farm Wines. All of their wines contain less than one gram of sugar in the entire bottle and are tested for other things as well. Plus, you get an extra bottle for a penny using my link and they have a 100% happiness guarantee, so you’ve got nothing to lose by trying it!

As for keto mocktails, almost all of my cocktail recipes have a suggestion on how to make them alcohol free. Often all this entails is leaving out the alcohol. One of the most visited mocktail recipes is our Coconut Lime Martini mocktail.

However, you may also like to try alcohol free versions of your favorite rum, vodka or whiskey. Ritual is a great brand for alcohol free, sugar free substitutes and you can get 20 percent off with the code HNG20 at checkout and you can get an additional five percent cash back by using Rakuten.