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  • The Chilipad is amazing for hot or cold sleepers! I’ve been using this for a few years now since I began getting perimenaupcusal night sweats. It can also gradually warm up in the morning to wake you up gently. I sleep so much better with this and defiantly notice whenever I travel and can’t take it with me! Get it for both sides of your bed or just one, very flexible.

  • Teas and supplements made with patented Cold Extraction Technology™ gently extracts and preserves active compounds and phytonutrients from exquisite ingredients, distilling them into their most bioavailable and maximally effective form. Get 10% off with this link!

  • Qure offer clinical level skin care at home. You know I’m totally into red light skin treatments (which they offer) and their micro infusion system is painless while softening the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Use HEALNOURISHGROW at checkout to save 10 percent!

  • Look good, feel young, and be strong with all 9 essential amino acids (EAAs) in clinically studied dosages. Drink Kion Aminos every day to: Naturally boost energy* Build lean muscle* Enhance athletic recovery* Enter HNG at checkout for 10 percent off!

  • Did you know your tap water is full of cancer causing elements? Municipalities only filter for pathogens that will make you immediately sick while allowing hundreds of compounds that can harm you over time. Check out the environmental working group site at to learn what’s in your tap water…it’s genuinely scary.
    Meanwhile, filter all of these harmful substances, kill bacteria and viruses and make your water taste better with the Perfect Water Reverse Osmosis Filter. Use code HNG for a discount! I installed mine myself in under an hour, just needed a counter guy to drill a spot near my kitchen sink.

  • My friend Chris Burres is interviewing amazing longevity experts like Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield and others for his longevity summit. I am so excited to attend and was able to score ticks for all of us for FREE. Use my link to register for free access.

  • Great compression, heat and vibration for comfort and healing. I use this on my knees!

  • Learn more about how this awesome molecule can help with energy, mitochondrial function, sleep and inflammation in my interview with founder Chris Burres! Get $15 off your first order with code HNG.

  • Complete darkness is one of the keys to good sleep! The Manta sleep mask is a zero pressure, complete blackout sleep mask with a 60 day money back guarantee so trying it is risk free!

  • Cleaning with steam is effective and toxin free!

  • Register for this summit for FREE with my link. I’ve spoken at the summit several times now and there is always a fantastic lineup with great information.

  • Speed up healing and reduce pain with joint specific infrared technology used by the NBA and NFL! You can try this FDA cleared device for 10 percent off with HNG10 and a 30 day money back guarantee. Eligible for HSA/FSA spending too.

  • Full infrared spectrum, almost zero EMF saunas! They even have a solo portable version if you’re low on space. Infrared therapy (photobiomodulation) has a ton of scientifically backed therapeutic benefits including improved: sleep, mitochondrial function, joint pain, circulation, inflammation and more. Get up to $600 off your purchase by using my link.

  • I’ve been using Rakuten (formerly ebates) since 1999 and have received over $3500 through the years just by going through their site before I order at online stores.

  • The most advanced air purifiers you can buy from car to home to commercial applications! Use HEALNOURISHGROW at checkout to to save 10 percent!

  • Combination ketone and blood glucose meter, HNG10 to save!

  • One of the first and most accurate combination ketone and blood glucose meters, save with my link, no code necessary.

  • This humidifier is great because it’s designed so much better than average! The stainless steel water container makes it easy to clean and sanitize. Use code HEALNOURISHGROW to save.

  • High quality organic coffee lab tested for harmful compounds like molds and mycotoxins. They seek coffees with the most antioxidant compounds and nutrition. Use HNG10 for 10 percent off.

  • Beautycounter makes it so easy to clean up your skin care! Did you know the US allows so many toxins in our products that are banned around the world? Beautycounter doesn’t use any of these and is committed to changing the beauty industry! Message me if you need help, always so many great deals happening. Use CLEANFORALL20 for 20% off your first order.

  • I have a couple of these in my house now and they save me so much time. My favorite is the new mop and vacuum at the same time robot! It’s totally hassle free, does the job while cleaning the mop, refilling itself and emptying the dust bin as it goes.

  • Having an organic mattress is one of the best ways to eliminate toxins in your environment. The Made Safe certification is a rigorous consumer goods program that evaluates and verifies the safety of products and ingredients used in manufacturing. My Green Mattress is free from both known and potentially hazardous chemicals and have passed an exacting safety assessment. One year risk free trial and 20 year warranty!

  • Ninja has so many great products that make a low carb lifestyle easier! The CREAMi makes it easy to create zero sugar frozen treats and the air fryer is great for so many quick recipes.

  • Danger Coffee™ is Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) grade, lab tested free of mold and other impurities and farm direct from Central America. The beans are remineralized in ancient plant minerals known as Fulvic and Humic. These incredible minerals interact with the heat of the brew to infuse your body with over 50 trace and ultra-trace minerals. Get 10 percent off with code HNG.