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  • Great source for heirloom chicken!

  • Eat smarter and healthier by tracking with Cronometer. Sign up for free with this link or get 10% off the gold version.

  • I’ve been using these for over 3 years for extra energy, focus and appetite suppression. Just diet alone is amazing for ketosis but using this tool has helped me immensely. The best part is, you can use them no matter how you choose to eat.

  • Awesome new service that’s less expensive than others but still offers high quality grass fed and finished meat from regenerative family farms.

  • Hard to find specialty meats like wagyu and more!

  • Bake some keto treats with my favorite organic coconut flour! It is non-GMO, Vegan, and low carb.

  • Lots of organic options and delicious custom blends.

  • Discover different flavors of tea every month with organic options and delicious flavor blends. Get 10% off with this link and code AOTAFFILIATE10.

  • Receive a keto snack box every month to satisfy cravings, stay on track and try new products. Use this link and get 11% off of your first order with code MKSB11.

  • Fresh seafood delivered to your door, subscribe to try the best catch of the day! They offer plenty of wild caught and hard to find options.

  • The first-ever vitamin-infused coffee that’s low acid, organic and tested to be chemical free. Hubs loves it because the low acid is way easier on is stomach and I love it for the smooth flavor that’s easy to drink black or with my favorite, Keto Kreme.

  • My favorite sugar free wine, every bottle tested to be under 1 gram of sugar in the entire bottle.