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Dry Farm Wines Review {2023} for Keto Diet With Videos – Sugar Free, Healthy Wines

Of all the best Dry Farm Wines reviews (dryfarmwines review), this is the most comprehensive. This review for Dry Farm Wines, a curated and lab-tested sugar free wine club, will explain why their wine is healthier than conventional wine. Not only is their wine healthier for anyone, it's also better for keto and low carb lifestyles than conventional wine.

They sell virtually sugar free wine, tested not only for sugar but lots of other things and it also happens to be delicious. You'll see a few videos here, unboxing the wines and testing ketones and blood glucose to show that you can drink their wine and stay in ketosis. Fun experiment!

Plus they have a risk free happiness promise! This means that if you don't like one or all of the bottles in your box, they will replace them or refund you in full with no questions asked. Pretty cool, huh? So you really have nothing to lose by testing this delicious, sugar-free wine.

In this review, I also talk about why healthy, sugar free wine is so important. I've continued to enjoy Dry Farm Wines for years now (I started in 2018) and have newly updated this guide for 2023.

While there are other wines marketed as keto wines, Dry Farm Wine still has the highest quality and most tested keto wine on the market. Plus, you get an extra bottle of wine for just a penny with your first order using our link.

Disclaimer: Links may contain affiliate links, which means we may get paid a commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through this page. Read our full disclosure here.

The are a lot of Dry Farm Wines reviews, although not as many specific to keto. I think you'll find this one to be one of the best and most regularly updated. Although it's definitely focused on the appropriateness of this wine when you're eating low carb, anyone looking for healthier, clean wine will find this review and Dry Farm Wines, useful.

Right now you can find lots of great gift ideas and special collections from Dry Farm Wines for the holidays. I always love their Thanksgiving collection that's curated to pair well with turkey as well as their New Year sparkling collection.

New Products at Dry Farm Wines

Their latest product was Bolixir. This botanically infused wine was low in alcohol and still maintained all Dry Farm Wines standards. It was delicious and I really loved it! Unfortunately it has been discontinued, but I have it on good authority that another lower alcohol elixir is on the way. I'll be sure to update you as soon as it's available!

They also have Extra Virgin Olive Oil that's tested to their usual high purity standards as well as extra high polyphenol levels for more antioxidant power. This olive oil is lab tested to be 100 percent extra virgin with absolutely no filler oils, no preservatives and no chemicals.

FAQ: dry farm wines and conventional wine

Is Dry Farm Wine Better For You?

Yes, Dry Farm Wines are better for you! They are free of many additives, have almost zero sugar and are lower alcohol. I've been drinking their wine ever since discovering them in 2018.

How is Dry Farm Wines Different?

Dry Farm Wines is different than conventional wine in a number of ways. Their wines are tested for multiple things, something that the majority of winemakers don't do.

  • Wines are fermented using wild, native yeasts that are not genetically modified.
  • There is less than one gram of sugar in each bottle.
  • The wines are natural and organic.
  • They have no additives.
  • They are low in sulfites.

Are Dry Farm Wines Sweet?

Dry Farm Wines are not sweet. Tested at less than one gram of sugar in the entire bottle, Dry Farm Wines have the least residual sugar you can find. That said, I'm often surprised at the fruity taste that some of their wines have. Some of their wines give a subtly sweet finish in your mouth without actual sugar.

How Long Do Dry Farm Wines Last?

Stored properly, Dry Farm Wines can be aged just like any other wine. However, they're meant to be enjoyed as soon as you receive them. Like any wine, store them in a cool, dark place, preferably on their side and at a temperature between 45 and 65°F.

How Much Alcohol is in Dry Farm Wines?

Dry Farm Wines tend to be lower in alcohol than other wines. Alcohol in the US usually shows alcohol content, but it's not required to be accurate and often varies as much as five percent from what's on the label. Dry Farm Wines tests the alcohol level in their wines accurately and most are around 12.5 percent alcohol.

They also have a special collection of lower alcohol wines that are tested to be 11.5 percent or less.

Do Dry Farm Wines Have Sulfites?

Dry Farm Wines, uses Isabelle Legeron's criteria for sulfites in wine. Each bottle contains fewer than 75 ppm of sulfites. Many of their wines test even lower than that for sulfites.

How Does Dry Farm Wines Taste?

I've been drinking it for years now and the quality and variety is consistently great. When you're looking at Dry Farm Wine reviews, it's important to note whether people tried them just once and what their expectations were.

Dry farmed wines are a little different than what the typical American wine palette is use to. American wines are typically higher sugar and alcohol, so going to a drier wine will initially taste different. However, I find that the lack of heavy sugar and alcohol makes the characteristics of the grape more apparent.

Is There a Dry Farm Wines Coupon?

If you choose to drink wine in moderation as part of your healthy lifestyle, I highly recommend Dry Farm Wines. If you purchase through our link, you will receive an extra bottle of wine for just a penny!

We would love to hear what you think about Dry Farm Wines if you try them! Hopefully, you found this review of Dry Farm Wines for keto helpful. If you'd like to learn more about any of the topics discussed in this article, the Dry Farm Wines website is a great resource.

How Much Sugar is in Wine?

If you drank three glasses of a typical sauvignon blanc (one of the lowest sugar wines) you're at around 10-12 grams of carbohydrate, almost half of what you would consume each day on the keto diet. If you drank the same amount of wine from Dry Farms, you're consuming under one gram of sugar. Total. Super low sugar.

How Much Sugar is in Conventional Wine?

The residual amount of sugar left in other wine and even “keto wine” varies. Sparkling wine, cava and champagne are typically the lowest in sugar coming in at one to three grams of carbohydrates per five ounces. Next are dry white wines such as sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio and chardonnay at around three grams per serving and sweeter wines such as riesling coming it at five grams per serving or more. The lowest sugar red wine is pinot noir and cabernet at around three to four carbs per serving. Zinfandel can go up to nearly five per serving.

One of the most popular questions those new to the keto diet ask is whether they can have alcohol on keto. Many also ask the specific questions “is wine keto-friendly” or is “red wine keto-friendly?” While the short answer is yes, the type of alcohol or wine you should have really depends on your goals. Fortunately, there is an easy way you can ensure your wine is compatible with keto.

Is Wine Keto Friendly?

Wine starts out as a grape, which of course has a ton of sugar! Luckily yeast loves to eat sugar and as a by-product, produces alcohol and CO2.

However, if you're asking if wine is keto friendly generally, the answer is no. Most wine produced in the US has too much sugar to be considered keto friendly. Since American wines are not dry farmed but rather highly irrigated, the grapes tend to have a lot more sugar. While the some wines could be keto friendly, wines produced in the US are much less likely to be and aren't tested for residual sugar.

The lowest sugar wines are from Dry Farm Wines. All of their wines are tested to have under one gram of sugar per liter.

How Sugar-Free Wine is Possible?

The residual amount of sugar left in wine varies. Sparkling wine, cava and champagne are typically the lowest in sugar coming in at one to three grams of carbohydrates per five ounces. Next are dry white wines such as sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio and chardonnay at around three grams per serving and sweeter wines such as riesling coming it at five grams per serving or more. The lowest sugar red wine is pinot noir and cabernet at around three to four carbs per serving. Zinfandel can go up to nearly five per serving.

Based on carb counts, you can definitely drink wine and stay within your keto diet carb allowance. However, some wines are better for keto and your health than others. Virtually sugar-free wine is possible when the grapes are dry farmed. Dry Farm Wines are tested to be less than one gram of sugar in the entire bottle which means each glass is basically sugar-free.

Dry farmed wines accomplish this almost no sugar wine in a couple of ways. Because the wine isn't irrigated, the grapes have less sugar to start with. Then during fermentation, nearly all the sugar is consumed by the yeast. In addition, they don't add any sugar to the wine since that wouldn't be considered natural wine.

Can You Have Wine on Keto?

The short answer to whether you can have wine on keto is yes. However, I would definitely stick to Dry Farm Wines on keto since it's the only one where you'll know the exact sugar content. The nutritional information available on wine varietals is basically a best guess. Without any given batch being tested you won't know the true alcohol content. That's one of the reasons I wanted to write this Dry Farm Wines review for keto since they are one of the only companies catering to clean, tested wine that won't kick you out of ketosis.

Plus there are other considerations for having wine on keto than just the sugar content. Calorie consumption still matters if your goal is weight loss. Alcohol contains calories but no nutrients which may make it easier to go over your calorie allotment for weight loss. Alcohol also lowers inhibition which may make you eat more than you might otherwise. The extra calories consumed due to both drinking calories and extra calories consumed with the wine could be a factor.

Whether you should have wine on keto also depends on your goal for speed of weight loss. Every time you drink alcohol your body temporarily shuts off fat burning. Since alcohol is considered a toxin in your body, it takes priority in processing by the liver over everything else until it's gone.

Are Dry Farm Wines Keto-Friendly?

Dry Farm Wines are especially keto-friendly! They're tested to be less than one gram of sugar in the entire bottle, making it a basically sugar free wine. I've tested my ketones multiple times after drinking Dry Warm Wines (you can see my video below) and I've always stayed in ketosis. Since wine makers aren't required to list ingredients or sugar content on labels, the only way you can know if a wine is keto friendly is if it has been lab tested.

I recently interviewed the founder of Dry Farm Wines, Todd White for the podcast. We discuss meditation, nutrition, fasting, biohacking and ketogenic diets, and of course natural wines. Learn more about a sustainable low carb lifestyle that includes mindful living while still enjoying sugar-free wine. He's a very interesting guy, old school biohacker and is obviously committed to the quality and integrity of Dry Farm Wines.

How Does Alcohol Affect Ketosis?

The two ingredients in wine that we know for sure affect ketosis are sugar and alcohol. There may be other negative effects from some of the additives. Unfortunately, since there is no ingredient label, we don't even know which wines contain what additives and/or chemicals. You also won't know by the label which wines are low sugar.

Too many carbohydrates will take you out of ketosis.  Sugar affects ketosis by taking you out of it for however long it takes your body to burn through the excess carbohydrates and start producing ketones again. If you stick to sugar-free or very low sugar alcohol, the sugar itself should have little to no effect on ketosis. A lot of Dry Farm Wines reviews aren't focused on the ketosis aspect of wine. However, if you don't want to get kicked out of ketosis by wine, it's important to consider.

How Are Ketones Affected by Alcohol?

There are a few differing opinions on what effect the processing of alcohol (outside of whatever sugar it contains) has on ketosis. Some say the liver processing alcohol temporarily slows ketosis. Others say drinking may actually increase ketosis. A small study showed increased ketones compared to a control group when drinking alcohol. Depleted liver glycogen on a keto diet changes liver metabolism.

However, it makes the most sense that when drinking alcohol, your liver will be using the byproducts of metabolized alcohol instead of fat. Probably not much of an issue if you only drink occasionally, but if you drink often, it may mean you're taking your body out of fat-burning mode.

Again, your goals can lead you as to what choices you make regarding alcohol consumption. There is no question though that low sugar wine is best if you want to stay in ketosis.

Are Sulfites in Wine Bad?

The sulfite explanation alone would be quite long. I wasn't able to find any evidence that sulfites are a major health concern. Antidotally though, many people think they contribute to a red wine headache. All wines have some natural level of sulfites. For this Dry Farm Wines review for keto, the main difference to note is that winemakers focused on naturally produced wine generally don't ADD sulfites, a common practice in the US.

Is Dry Farm Wines Sold in Stores and Where to Buy Dry Farm Wines

The only tested Dry Farm Wines are available through However, the shipments are highly customizable. You can easily pause shipments or put them on a different shipping schedule. If you find a wine you love, Dry Farm Wines can ship more of a specific wine to you. You may be able to find a few dry farmed wines at better wine stores. You might also get lucky in stores that focus on organic wine or European wines. Still, none of those are tested. Dry Farm Wines is the only one you can buy where you know it's a sugar free wine and clean from other contaminants.

Dry Farm Wines Review, Online Tasting and Education Event

Dry Farm Wines Review

On April 18, 2022 I had a fun chat with Maria from Dry Farm Wines. We did a live on Instagram where we talked all about their company, why natural, sugar-free wines are healthier and about their happiness guarantee.

Even though I've been a customer since 2018, I always learn something new! We tried a lovely Cremant d'Alsace that was amazing and gave away six bottles of wine to one luck attendee! If you want to make sure you know about our next event together, make sure you sign up for my newsletter.

Dry Farm Wines App

One new thing I learned is that they have an app! I can't believe I didn't know about this. You can use it to scan the label of your wine to the alcohol, sugar and sulfites report, get tasting notes as well as add your own, learn about the wine grower as well as region and order more of the wine if you'd like.

You're also able to login to your account and contact customer service, all right in the app. You can see a screenshot here to the right, this is definitely my new favorite thing about them. Listen to my discussion with Maria below, I'm sure you'll learn something you didn't know about Dry Farm Wines.

Dry Farm Wines Review: Ketosis

Depending on how many carbs you personally can have and remain in ketosis, you could fit in a few glasses of many wines or one glass of others depending on which you chose. However, there are still calories to consider. And, when you consume alcohol, your liver switches away from fat burning. It instead begins the process of metabolizing alcohol instead. Byproducts of alcohol metabolization can be used for energy. Your body will use those for fuel first, slowing down fat metabolism.

Some Dry Farm Wines reviews fail to mention how much healthier these wines are due to the lack of sugar. To me that's one of the biggest selling points!

First let's assume that you've already decided alcohol in moderation is something that works for your health goals. There are a lot of studies, opinions and conversation about whether drinking alcohol is optimal for health. The bottom line is it's a personal choice. Reasons you may or may not choose to imbibe and how it impacts health is a bigger discussion for another time.

Your weight loss goals and other health factors should guide how often you choose to drink alcohol. Always keep in mind that the fat burning process will slow whenever alcohol is consumed.

Why Dry Farm Wines Are Better than Conventional Wine for Keto and Is There Such Thing as Sugar-Free Wine?

Sugar Free Wine

One of the best things about Dry Farm Wines, is that they independently test each wine they sell to be virtually sugar-free. Most wine is lower sugar with two to six carbs per five ounces serving. However, Dry Farm Wines are tested to be under one gram of sugar per liter!

That means an entire bottle has less than one gram of sugar. You can enjoy a couple of glasses entirely guilt and sugar-free. It's by far the best low sugar wine I've had. Most Dry Farm Wines reviews aren't as focused on this aspect of the wine. However, if you're living the keto or low carb lifestyle, drinking the lowest sugar wine possible is a huge plus.

Dry Farm Wines Reviews: Other Things Dry Farm Wines Tests Besides Sugar and Why Healthy Wine is Important

We know that Dry Farm Wines tests for sugar. Obviously, this is awesome for a keto or low carb lifestyle. But that's only consideration for a healthier wine. So what other tests does Dry Farm Wines perform?

Turns out, quite a few! Every wine they sell is also less than 75ppm of sulfites, 12.5 percent or less alcohol, “low alcohol”, fungus and mold-free, no additives, dry-farmed, old vine, hand-harvested, wild native yeast, small production, gluten-free and naturally or biodynamically farmed. Pretty amazing considering how many of these tests most US wines would violate.

Why each of these tests is important would take up quite a bit of space to explain. However, it's obvious to most that the more natural a product is, the better it is for you.

Sugar Free Wine

Dry Farm Wines are so low in carbs because they are fully fermented. The lack of sugar is an important part of this Dry Farm Wines review. The yeast eat all of the sugar then they die off leaving alcohol. Carbs are introduced by some winemakers by adding additional sugar back in after fermentation to appeal to the American palate. Some kill the yeast early allowing sugar to remain. Dry Farm Wines makers do neither of these things.

The less sugar in any product you choose, such as Dry Farm Wine, the better it is for the keto diet and your health in general.

Wine and Irrigation

One of the most interesting things learned in this process was about dry farming. Think about this. For all the hundreds of years wines were produced in Europe, there was no irrigation!  And this is better for the grapes.

Irrigation is actually FORBIDDEN in Europe. It's better for the environment not to water, but what else? Grapes that are irrigated have more sugar because it's easy for them to soak up water and produce more sugar as a result. More sugar means more alcohol and diluted flavor. Not a good thing for wine.

Vines that aren't irrigated have to grow deep roots to search for water and the flavor is affected in a good way. Flavor is more concentrated.

Napa winemakers irrigate despite receiving more natural rainfall, even in drought than some of the best winemaking regions in the world such as Bordeaux and Tuscany (based on US 30 year averages from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and European 30 year averages from the World Meteorological Organization).

Best Wine for No Hangover: Do Dry Farm Wines Prevent Hangovers?

Low sugar wines tend to be naturally lower in alcohol as well. Some Dry Farm Wines reviews forget focus on the slightly lower alcohol. That's one of the things I really love about it. Lower sugar plus lower alcohol means no hangovers! You're also much less likely to get headache symptoms of a hangover when the wine is tested to be free of other additives and toxins.

Of course, if you overindulge in any alcohol you might still get a hangover. However, in my experience if my husband and I split a bottle of Dry Farm Wines over dinner, I feel great both that night and the next morning. I can't say that about other wines, they're definitely a lot more variable.

What Ingredients Are in Wine and How do They Affect the Keto Diet and Ketosis?

As someone who loves to cook and eat, wine is a big part of enjoying food. There is nothing better than enjoying a nice glass of red wine as you prepare a gourmet red sauce and then sitting down experience how the flavor of your wine enhances the meal! And as someone involved in the lifelong pursuit of Ultimate Wellness I've always been concerned about what I put in my body. However, being able to have wine on keto is important to me due because of the flavor enhancement it provides.

This is one of the reasons I really wanted to write a review for using Dry Farm Wines on the keto diet. It gave me a chance to explore what's in low sugar wine. And why it may or may not be compatible with keto. Wine on keto is made into a much healthier and viable option with Dry Farm Wines.

Is Alcohol Good for You?

Of course, since alcohol is technically a poison, one could argue you shouldn't have it at all. However, the same goes for so many things we consume that aren't so good for us like donuts, cookies, etc. Moderation is key and thankfully a healthy liver is designed to process toxins. If you have wine on keto, fat burning will temporarily stop while your body processes the alcohol.

What's Really in Your Wine?

Low Sugar Wine

The point of this discussion though, is we know that ethanol (a certain type of toxin) is in wine, but what else is in there? It must be regulated, and labeled like the rest of our food, right? Wrong.

In 1976 the court case Brown-Forman Distillers Corp. v. Matthews, the decision was the FDA did not have the jurisdiction to require labeling of alcohol since it's not technically a food. Over the years, the alcohol industry has consistently objected to being required to put ingredients on the label.

According to Todd White, founder of Dry Farm Wines, there are 76 additives allowed in wines in the US, including some pretty nasty chemicals. He shared 52 percent of all the wines manufactured in the United States are made by three giant conglomerates. It would be hard to mass produce wines without at least some more modern techniques, including additives. Even so, that doesn't mean they're good for you.

Lifestyle Factors with Healthy Wine

Todd shares with us his journey from Atkins to the sustainable and moderate keto lifestyle he is currently living. He also shares his vast knowledge on the different versions of keto. He also discusses his go to biohacking tools, such as cold plunges and saunas. Many Dry Farm Wine reviews fail to mention the founder, which is really too bad. He has such an interesting story and background that led him to create this company.

Mediation and fasting are two big players in his life and have been for over twenty years. Todd is proof positive that you can enjoy sugar free, natural wine with your keto lifestyle. Check out the video interview with Todd White below or listen on your favorite podcast player.

N=1 Experiment, Effect of Drinking Dry Farm Wines on Ketosis

And now for the fun part! I drank wine (taking one for team keto here) and tested blood sugar and ketones with the Keto-Mojo. I wanted to see what happened after drinking Dry Farm Wines. The results may surprise you. The good news is you can drink wine on keto, especially if you choose Dry Farms.

Nothing but water was consumed in the four hours prior to testing. For this review of how Dry Farm Wines affects ketosis, it was important that baseline measurements would be unaffected by prior consumption.

Right before drinking the wine, ketones and glucose were tested. Ketones measured at 2.8 and blood sugar was 79 according to the Keto Mojo. Two servings (10 ounces) of wine were measured with a scale for accuracy then consumed within 30 minutes. A wine was chosen that sounded interesting from the latest Dry Farm Wines shipment…a lovely white Gamay blanc de noirs from Domaine Franck Besson in Jullie, France. It was delicious.

The Results after Drinking Keto Wine

An additional 30 minutes passed before testing blood levels again to give the wine time to take effect. An hour after starting to drink the wine and 30 minutes after it ended, ketones were at 3.3 and glucose was at 73.

Certainly some of this difference can be accounted for by the accuracy of the monitor. Clearly, neither ketones nor glucose were negatively affected by Dry Farms Wine. In fact, ketones went up and glucose went down. Crazy!

Dry Farm Wines Review: Should You Buy Dry Farm Wines?

Of course, this is a personal decision based on your budget and goals. Unlike some other wine clubs, they allow you to easily change the delivery frequency online. You can take up to six months in between shipments. It's also fun that they do special collections for holidays and seasons. Past specials include Rosé for summer, sparkling for New Year's and reds for Valentine's Day. It's interesting to try new wines that typically have a very small or no US distribution.

For healthy wine tested for all of these things, I personally feel it's worth it. I had a lot of fun testing out their wine for this Dry Farm Wines review for my keto lovers! I know these wines are infinitely better for me based on the lower sugar, alcohol and additive/chemical content. They're also healthier due to the other things for which they test, like sulfites.