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Managing Diabetes with a Plant-Based Diet: 57

Lynne Bowman is a 76 year old grandmother now living her healthiest life. She’s managing diabetes with a mostly plant-based diet and healthy habits like consistent movement. She emphasizes the phrase “real food” throughout our discussion because that’s what she believes is the healthiest diet, and on that point, we totally agree!

As you all know, I emphasize the importance of eating the proper amount of protein for optimal health. While not impossible, it is very difficult to get enough high-quality, complete protein from plant sources. We actually need even more protein as we age to build and maintain muscle.

That said, Lynne is the perfect example of how there is no one size fits all approach to finding optimal health. Each person needs to experiment with what works best for their own body while monitoring markers like fasting insulin, glucose, HbA1c, blood pressure and body composition. 

A fantastic way to tell what your diet is really doing to your blood sugar is to wear a continuous glucose monitor. For a more in-depth discussion of that as well as a discount at Nutrisense, please check out my show with Molly Downy. If you want to test your own insulin levels, here’s a website to help you get started.

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