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Continuous Glucose Monitor for Better Health: 19

Ever wonder about continuous glucose monitors or don't even know what the heck that is? Listen to my conversation with Molly Downey to learn why using this simple device can give you so much insight into your health. Continuous glucose monitoring devices are being used more often now by health seekers outside of the diabetes community. Learn more about why you may want to use this device to learn more about how what eat affects your body. Discount code for with this link or code HNG at checkout to save!

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Nutrisense Continuous Glucose Monitor

I used a Nutritsense continuous glucose monitor for several months and really enjoyed my experience. The insights it gave into what foods affected my blood sugar and the role stress and exercise play in glucose levels were very interesting as well. I definitely recommend you try one if you're interested in learning more about how specific foods affect your blood sugar.

Nutrisense Cost

How much Nutrisense costs partially depends on how long you choose to use it. Generally committing to more time in the program will give you greater savings. The easiest way to see how much Nutrisense will cost is to fill out their online survey with your goals. You can choose as little as two weeks, but to really get good health insights, I recommend at least a month. One of the best parts about it is that memberships come with access to dieticians that can help you interpret your results. Because I love their product so much, I partnered with Nutrisense to get you discount, just use HNG20 t0 save money.

What is a Blood Sugar Monitor?

True to its name, a blood sugar monitor measures your blood sugar. With a traditional blood sugar monitor, you have to prick your finger and place your blood on a special strip multiple times a day to know where your blood sugar is. Even when you do this a lot, it's easy to miss certain insights. A continuous glucose monitor is on the back of your arm for two weeks and measures blood sugar constantly. A tiny filament you can't feel goes into the interstitial space and gives an excellent proxy for blood sugar. It gives you readings 24/7 by just scanning the monitor with your phone. By using a continuous glucose monitor, you have a complete picture of how certain activities and food really affect your blood sugar.

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