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Keto Baking Tips

Keto Baking Tips

There are quite a few things I've learned getting into keto baking. I've baked for many years, at times quite seriously, but low carb baking is a bit of a different animal! No doubt there is much more to learn, but these are my best tips so far. Look for updates to this post as I learn even more and continue to experiment.

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About Keto Flour

The two most commonly used flours in keto baking are almond and coconut. Coconut flour is a lot more absorbent than either regular flour or almond flour so it can be used sparingly to absorb some moisture. Combining it with almond flour also seems to mitigate the flavor some people taste with coconut flour, that's why a lot of keto baking recipes use more than one kind of flour. A combination also changes the texture of your baked goods. Coconut flour only items tend to be denser while almond flour creates a lighter result.

Almond flour tends to clump a bit. A sifter is useful if you have it…I'd really like to get an old-school sifter like I used in my grandma's kitchen…but until then, a fork works. It's also nice to completely blend the dry ingredients before moving on and a sifter or fork accomplishes that well.

One keto flour that I haven't tried yet but have seen others use is lupin flour. It has a high protein content at about 40 percent and 30 percent fiber. At one net carb per quarter cup it's definitely keto friendly. It's on my list to test some recipes with this soon.

Always be careful to check the carb count on the keto flour you're using. Carb counts between different manufacturers can vary slightly and not all gluten-free flour or products are low carb.

Sugar Alternatives for Keto Baking

So far I haven't found any of the flours or sugar alternatives used in keto baking allow for cookies to “spread” like traditionally made cookies do. It's necessary to use the back of a spatula or your fingers to flatten them out a bit before baking. Note the before and after photo below for Chewy Keto Double Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Keto Baking Tips

Finally, keto cookies and other baked goods don't taste like an exact copy of the “real” thing. If you can suspend thinking about the cookies you know and grew up with, these are very good in their own right. Just slightly different. If someone can ever come up with a carb-free flour that truly mimics wheat that person will be worshiped by us keto folk like no other!

Until then, at least we have substitutes that fill the need whenever the occasional sweet tooth strikes.