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Yoga and Creativity: Stimulate Your Brain With Mindful Movement

With over 300 million enthusiasts across the globe, yoga is one of the top mindfulness exercises in the world. It's a great way to clear your thoughts, let good energy in, and stimulate your artistic spirit. Yoga and creativity are closely linked because of the openness it creates both in your body and your mind.

Here, we're going to talk about the benefits of yoga for the artistically inclined. A simple search for “yoga and creativity” on Goolge Scholar reveals that yoga can be an amazing way to enhance your creativity.  Read on to learn how yoga can put you in a creative mindset and inspire you to express yourself through artistic pursuits.

The Impact of Yoga on Your Brain

yoga and creativity

To understand the link between yoga and creativity, it's important to first know the impact that doing mindful stretches has on your brain.

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When you perform the movements for various yoga poses, your brain cells develop new connections. This modifies your brain structure and helps it to function in a way that boosts cognitive function. You'll see a boost in memory, attention, awareness, and thought in addition to fitness benefits.

Since all artistic activities require information retention and mindful focus, this makes it easier for yoga enthusiasts to experiment with artistic ideas. You'll find it easier to focus on your craft and have more fun with painting, drawing, sculpting, cooking, or writing.

You also will find it easier to stay creative and expressive as you get older. Some studies scanned the brains of those who do yoga vs. those who do not. Yoga lovers had thicker cerebral cortexes and hippocampi. This means better information processing and memory.

Usually, these areas get smaller and thinner as people age, but yoga practitioners did not have this shrinkage to the same degree that others did. Doing yoga helps keep you sharp enough to continue to create for many decades to come.

Yoga and Creativity: The Basics

Of course, because your brain is the center of cognitive function, yoga makes it easier for you to think outside the box. This cycle is also self-repeating. A cognitive boost means higher levels of creativity, and artistic engagement boosts your brain even more.

We touched on how yoga is a mindful activity already, but it's important to understand why this is true and why it matters. When you practice yoga, you synchronize your breathing and movements. This helps you to maintain focus and clarity so that you can clear your mind and remain present in the physical world.

You'll become more aware of your body and its sensations so that you can be more in tune with yourself. This stops you from experiencing a lot of the stress that blocks out creative thinking.

You'll be able to innovate more when you have a clear mind after engaging in yoga. After all, you'll no longer be sweating the small stuff that gives you constant anxiety which absolutely creates a more clear mind.

Yoga and Creativity: Unlocking New Sources of Inspiration

You'll also have the chance to boost the flow of spiritual energy. Many people believe that doing yoga balances your chakras, which are spiritual energy points in your body. They need to be open and aligned so that you don't experience emotional, physical and creative blockage.

Whether or not you believe in these energy points, yoga does clear pathways in your body that boost creativity. It helps to balance your hormones and boosts your blood circulation. This makes you feel more lively so that you have the energy and vivacity to engage in your favorite arts and crafts.

When you roll out your yoga mat for the day, you'll have a greater ability to think clearly. This will let you be inspired by the physical world that you're more in touch with after breathing and meditative stretches. You'll come up with more innovative ideas to bring to your journaling, sketching, knitting, cooking or other creative endeavors.

Inspiration is all around us. You just have to know where to look and yoga gives you the ability to do that.

What Yoga Practices Best Stimulate the Mind?

To make the most of your daily yoga regimen, you'll need to design the perfect space to relax and ground yourself. Doing stretching and breathing exercises outdoors is a great way to get fresh air flowing into your lungs and brain. Plus, since nature and outdoor settings are inherently relaxing, you'll feel more at ease after outdoor yoga.

If it's raining out or you don't have the yard space for a yoga mat, you can set up a yoga studio indoors. Make sure that you're somewhere with a big window that lets in a lot of natural light. Surround yourself with calming items like healing crystals and live potted plants.

Then, it's time to practice the stretches that best stimulate the mind.

The child's pose is one of the top yoga exercises for mindfulness. You spread your knees to the width of your mat and sit with your hips positioned on your heels. Then, extend your arms out in front of you and place your hands on the mat.

Inhale deeply to fill your stomach with fresh air. Exhale for a few seconds and relax as you breathe out. This cleanses your mind and spirit so that you can feel more vibrant and energetic.

Standing meditation is also a great activity. Stand up on your mat with your legs about your hips width apart. Then, relax your arms by your side with both arms facing forward while closing your eyes and breathing steadily.

Visualize yourself as part of nature with deep roots extending beneath you. Imagine you're absorbing the sunlight and directing it down through those roots, then pulling the earth energy back up and out through the crown of your head. This visualization lets you gather creative energy from the earth to use as inspiration for your daily artistic activities. 

Reap the Benefits of Yoga Today

Yoga and creativity are intimately linked. By engaging in daily yoga practice and moving your body, you increase your ability to engage in artistic activities for self-expression. You also teach yourself to think differently and remain open to new possibilities.

Now that you know some top benefits of yoga for artists and yoga for creativity, it's time to boost your daily mindfulness regimen. Heal Nourish Grow is committed to providing you with information and coursework to stimulate your mind and improve your overall health.

Contact us to learn more about how regular yoga and other physical activities can help you paint, sculpt, write, and express yourself.