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Creating Greater Well-Being For Girls and Women By Rewriting the Societal Narrative: 32

In this episode, Samantha Louise tells us about her personal journey self-discovery and how that inspired her to create Brave Girl International. Our society promotes competition between women, whether it is having the best outfit, looks, grades, etc. There is a lot of societal pressure on women to “be perfect.”  This ideal is often portrayed in media as the standard to which women must adhere. This pressure often causes stress, depression and hopelessness in young women.

Samantha Louise is helping girls and women to rewrite the rules and narrative that surrounds how women should be in the world. She guides them through a new path to well-being less focused on perfection and competition between women.

Brave Girl International will act as a leadership cultivator and supportive community for young women. Rewriting the societal narrative gives women and girls a new way of thinking and being in the world.   She hopes to connect girls and women across the globe to build a healthy sisterhood where they will be guided through the development of healthy well being. Samantha Louise also gave insight into how parents can approach these topics in a non-threatening way with their children.

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