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Navigating a Broken Healthcare System: 85

In this episode of the Heal Nourish Grow Podcast, Susan Salenger discusses her book ‘Sideline' and the issues women face when navigating the healthcare system. She shares her personal experience with unnecessary surgery and how it sparked her interest in women's medical decision-making.

To write this book, Salenger conducted interviews with women who had different diseases with a variety of treatments and found common themes in their behavior and decision-making. Learn more about the importance of being an informed patient and advocate for your own health along with actionable tips you can use at your next doctor's appointment.

Get the Sidelined book here and visit Susan's website here.


  • Women often put themselves last when it comes to healthcare decisions.
  • Getting a second opinion is crucial, especially for complex or serious conditions.
  • Women tend to describe their symptoms in an emotional way, which can lead to misdiagnosis or inappropriate treatment.
  • Tips for doctor visits include making a written list of symptoms, doing research on the diagnosis, and reframing what the doctor says. Be an informed patient and advocate for your own health
  • Research and question medical advice, especially medications and treatments
  • Consider the funding sources of scientific studies to identify potential bias
  • Personal research can help evaluate the risks and benefits of treatments
  • Gaslighting in healthcare is a significant issue for women
  • Strength training is important for women's health and can help prevent frailty

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