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Nano Technology Improves Mitochondrial Function and Protects Against Oxidative Stress: 45

In this week’s episode, Chris Burres shares his knowledge and experience with health related technology and how he got into the supplement business. He was a scientist in manufacturing, selling “the most beautiful molecule” along with his business partner. This molecule has the ability to trap other elements and deliver them wherever necessary. 

Over time, Burres researched various properties of this molecule including its oxidation level, power levels, and atomic properties. He had learned that if there is no readily available antioxidant within the body, there might be reactive oxygen species (ROS) traveling around the body causing cellular damage (oxidative stress). This molecule has the ability to hold onto ROS until the body is able to replenish antioxidants, preventing oxidative stress.

After discussing the potential of this molecule to improve health by preventing oxidative stress, Burres explains the effects and potential of this molecule if taken internally. He also shares personal anecdotes , how using the supplement has helped people in various ways including improved focus and better sleep.

View the interview on YouTube:

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