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Maximize Fertility with Diet and Lifestyle Interventions: 42

In this week’s episode, Dr. Jane Levesque shares her insight on the relationship between diet, fertility, and lifestyle. Her own journey led her to focus on her health and provoked curiosity about the effects of diets and lifestyle on fertility. This eventually led her to study naturopathy. She now teaches others about how to manipulate lifestyle factor to help with fertility and easier pregnancies. 

She learned that birth is just the beginning; women tend to treat pregnancy as the marathon, but the marathon officially begins after child birth.

After learning more about individualized healthcare, she realized that every woman needs a different routine, pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and post-partum. Dr.Levesque uses her passion and personal experiences to help other women and men through fertility, childbirth and parenthood. She shares how important diet is to maintain a balanced nervous system, personalized diet plans vs. generalized diet plans, her individualized program, and much more!

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