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Health Problems Spur Invention, Multiple Products Designed to Make Detox Easier: 33

In this week’s episode, Eileen Durfee shares her journey of growing up with various physical ailments. After focusing on her health, she discovered the symptoms she was experiencing were due to her body not eliminating the toxins to which she was regularly exposed. Environmental toxins can negatively affect our health. While some sources of toxins are more obvious, they can also be in the air we breathe, what we drink and things we put on our skin. 

To help her recovery, Eileen tried different medications, diets, therapies and more. However, once she finally started eliminating environmental toxins and supplementing with the right minerals, she started feeling better.

After discovering this key to health, Eileen became passionate about helping others feel better too. She started a company to create natural healing products. One such product is an innovative toxin-free, portable sauna that facilitates many benefits like detoxification. Eileen talks about her experience and research in creating a radiant isolated tent for the sauna from organic webbing. You can see all of her innovative products at the links below.

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