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Free Macro Tracking Tool: Sparkpeople

Updated for 2022, SparkPeople has transitioned to SparkAmerica, the tracker no longer works. My favorite macro tracker option is now Cronometer (10 percent off a subscription with this link). If you're not sure what macros you should be eating, be sure to check out our handy macro calculator!

Two of the most common goals for my coaching clients are weight loss and increased activity. Part of success in these areas is the ability to accurately track what you eat, both calories and macros. The best macro tracking tool I have found is It is customizable and will also track activity, fitness and other goals. I’ve been using it myself since April 2007 and it's totally free (except for premium features). Over the years it has grown into a very active community with groups for almost every way of eating you can imagine.

Macro Tracking Tool: SparkPeople Basics as well as its app, has a wide variety of tools, articles and support you can use in your quest for ultimate wellness. It has a great food tracker where you can enter your daily intake and see calories and other useful measurements for the day as well as set goals for macro and micronutrients. The macro tracking tool is one of most helpful things you can utilize when starting out with the ketogenic diet.


You can also track fitness, workouts and miles covered using the fitness page.  It even allows you to measure the distance of a given route by mapping points on a google map.

SparkPeople also has other kinds of support groups based on almost any common interest; whether you love to read, knit, do triathlons, watch Game of Thrones, practice yoga or weave baskets there is a group for you!  I also use its sister site, quite a bit. It has a great variety of all kinds of recipes and you can add them to your meal plan at Spark People.  You can also put in ingredients to find out nutritional information on any recipe and save it to your profile.

These kinds of tools are wonderful to help keep you on track and motivated in your personal wellness goals.  Check out the site and let us know what you think!