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Using Ketamine to Treat Mental Health Conditions: 52

Matt Zemon has a master’s degree in neuroscience and psychology. He has dedicated his life to introducing and explaining the benefits of psychedelics like ketamine to treat mental health conditions.

Today’s discussion, although centered around psychedelics, also covers the positives and negatives regarding antidepressants and several real life examples. De-stigmatizing the mental health conversation is a battle that takes time and energy. Matt’s goal is to show the benefits of legal psychedelics like ketamine without the pressure to utilize them.

Matt Zemon is the founder of HAPPŸŸ, a mental wellness company that specializes in the explanation and use of oral ketamine. This psychedelic drug can help open the mind and promote healing from past traumas. He also co-founded the company Psychable, which helps locate ketamine clinics for the safe and learned use of the drug.

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