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FREE Heal Nourish Grow January 2019 30 Day Wellness Challenge

Many of us make New Year's resolutions each year with the best of intentions. How good are we at actually keeping them though? It's difficult to make big changes. It's even more difficult if you try to make several big changes all at once.

Over my years of working in both my corporate jobs and as a yoga instructor/wellness coach, as well as taking on my own ultimate wellness journey, I've found that small changes over time are the best way to make big and lasting changes. Although I firmly believe the very best time to start any change is NOW (and you actually will start now once you sign up for this challenge), there is no question that the beginning of a new year is motivation for a lot of people.

Creating New, Healthy Habits

You know all of that “it takes 21 days to form new habit” BS? Well…that's just it, it's BS. Thirty days may not be enough either. Research shows it actually takes anywhere from 18 to 264 days to create a new habit 1 and depends on a lot of factors.

That's where the Heal Nourish Grow January 2019 wellness challenge comes in. We want to help you create healthier habits in 2019 by making small changes that can add up to big results. Over 30 days you'll be led through changes in your daily routine, all leading to healthier behaviors.  You'll learn new ways of approaching nutrition, body positivity, sleep habits, meditation, yoga/stretching, exercise and goal setting.Cheryl McColgan in the Kitchen

If you'd like to know more about my background and ability to successfully lead you through these new habits, please check out my about page here and feel free to contact me with any questions. In short, my degree and graduate training is in psychology, I've practiced yoga for 25 years and have taught for over 8 years. I've lead several yoga groups through transformative programs and in my corporate life have mentored and coached numerous people.

Free Wellness Challenge Commitment

All I ask for this free program is that you are committed to your wellness, keep an open mind and for 30 days be willing to experiment with breaking your addiction to sugar, exercise/stretching regularly and learning to meditate. None of the things you'll be asked to do will be overly taxing. For example, your longest meditation session will be seven minutes and that's only after having built up to it over the 30 days.

There are no products to buy. You can start at absolutely any level and everything can be modified based on what you are already doing. You can find a very basic outline of the program here, but you'll get more details and much more support once you sign up.

While this program doesn't focus specifically on weight loss, you may find that you lose weight. You may also find you sleep better, are more focused and overall feel better. Or not. It certainly depends on your level of commitment, but those are things this program is designed to address.

Are you ready to take the Heal Nourish Grow 30 day wellness challenge? Register here.