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How to Stay on Track With Health and Wellness Goals While Traveling

Travel can wreak havoc on your diet, but there is no reason to let it get the best of your health and wellness goals.  The keto diet is actually one of the easiest ways of eating to stick to while on the road. If you're curious about starting the keto diet, be sure to check out our Complete Beginner's Guide to the Ketogenic Diet. However, you’ll find the following travel diet tips helpful no matter which way of eating you choose.

Over the last year, I've lost over 60 pounds while traveling for work at least a couple of times per month. It's possible to not only stay on track with your health and wellness while traveling but actually thrive! A little planning goes a long way. Preparing and researching in advance can cut down on a lot of the stress and angst around your keto diet and working out while traveling. Planning ahead is the key to staying on track with your health and wellness goals.

Whether you’re heading to the airport, bus stop, or gassing up for a cross-country road trip, follow travel diet tips to help you reach your ultimate wellness goals!

Travel Diet Tips and Working Out on the Road

Tips for Workouts While Traveling

  • Travel Workout Tip One: Bring workout clothes!  Check the weather at your destination and pack workout gear accordingly if you plan to workout outside. Some hotels let you rent/borrow workout clothes if you can't fit them in your bag.
  • Travel Workout Tip Two: Look up fitness classes before you leave. The internet is your friend! Research your destination area for local gyms and classes. The first class at most studios are usually free.  Check out a spin, yoga, pilates, or barre studio or get serious with lifting at a Crossfit gym. Local gyms usually offer a free day pass to check them out. You can also ask your hotel to see if they have facilities you can use during your stay.
  • Travel Workout Tip Three: Check with your hotel front desk. Some hotels have relationships with area gyms or special equipment that you can use during your stay. For example, most Westins now offer Peloton’s for use by guests.
  • Travel Workout Tip Four: If you can’t get to a gym, bodyweight exercises and workout apps are a good alternative to get a sweat on in your hotel room. Resistance bands are a great addition to your workout. They are easy to pack and lightweight.
  • Travel Workout Tip Five: Ask the front desk for safe walking route recommendations in the area. Be sure to ask if there are any particular unsafe areas or times you should avoid.
  • Travel Workout Tip Six: Once you’ve found classes you like, a great walking route, or a routine you can do in the hotel room, schedule your workouts on a calendar or in a notebook.

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Tips for Healthy Food Choices While Traveling

  • Travel Diet Tip One: Bring healthy snacks in your bag. A few of my latest favorites are MoonCheese, SmartSweets Gummies, low sugar jerky, and low carb protein bars. All of these items super easy to pack and don’t take up much room!
  • Travel Diet Tip Two:  If you are stuck in the airport, there are always snack options that aren’t as bad as grabbing that fast food burger and fries. Check out the convenience stores for things like prepackaged salads, hard boiled eggs, cheese snacks, or dark chocolate.
  • Travel Diet Tip Three: Search for restaurants at your destination area that support your lifestyle and dietary needs. Knowing your choices beforehand and having an idea of menu options will help you avoid poor last minute meal choices.
  • Travel Diet Tip Four: Find a local grocery store when you arrive and stock up on things you would eat regularly. Natural is always better but if you will be busy and have limited time to get food on the road there are loads of prepacked food options for all types of dietary requirements.
  • Travel Diet Tip Five: Ask for a hotel room with a fridge, microwave, or stove access. This will help you store and prepare food easily.
  • Travel Diet Tip Six: If your travel is for business, don’t feel bad letting your coworkers, vendors, clients, etc know that you have food preferences or special food requests. If you don’t ask they can’t even consider accommodating you!
  • Travel Diet Tip Seven: HYDRATE! Reusable water bottles are useful and are great for the environment. Most airports now have water bottle fillers and flight attendants will fill a water bottle for you on the plane.

Other Health and Wellness Considerations While Traveling

Getting good sleep is one of the best things you can do to help with your weight loss and diet goals. Not only does good sleep keep the hormones in check that control hunger and satiety, being well rested helps you make better choices. Check out our tips for better sleep before your next trip.

Hopefully these travel diet and workout tips will inspire you to stay focused on your health and wellness goals even when traveling! If you have additional tips that help you stay on track we’d love to hear about them.