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Updates: Cookbook, KetoCon and Book Signing Event: 35

Today I'm sharing news about my new cookbook, KetoCon and some online free events where you can register for entrepreneurial and health advice.

On July 11, right after this episode came out, the publisher made a data driven decision to pull the cookbook, They feel like they missed the market opportunity. They may revisit it in the future but for now it's a dead deal. I can't believe this is happening so late in the process, but it is what it is I guess. I'm obviously upset, but moving on although I REALLY wish they would have made this decision a few weeks ago before I started bugging all of you about this and promoting it everywhere, including at KetoCon this past weekend.

They may revisit its release if grain free gets hot again, but for now it's cancelled. Obviously, I am heartbroken and in shock. 🙁 I've got a lot more exciting projects up my sleeve though, so stay tuned. I'm not about to let this get me down!

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