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Five Ways to be Stuck That Don’t Suck

Five Ways to Be Stuck That Don't SuckTuesday the 14th was the five year anniversary of an article I wrote for Elephant Journal on being stuck. It was interesting to look back and find I am still stuck in a few things. Yet, other “stuckness” in my life has shifted and turned into growth.

I'm not sure it's even possible to truly eliminate “stuckness” from your life. In fact, in many ways, being stuck is a good thing! For starters, I'm pretty happy to be stuck with this wonderful man in the photo.

We typically think of being stuck as a bad thing. After all, how many sob stories start with “I'm stuck in this stupid…” insert whatever annoys you at the end.

However, there are several ways in which being stuck could actually be good. For example, key relationships are one of the most beautiful places to be stuck. Once you have identified truly nourishing and healthy relationships (and have eliminated the toxic ones), it's important to nurture them and spend time on them. In some sense, that too, is being stuck…but in the best possible way!

Getting stuck in a healthy routine is another great way to be stuck. Whether it's a new way of eating, a fun activity, daily meditation practice or keeping a gratitude journal, getting stuck on healthy practices is key to creating the life you really want and attaining your goals.

For the five year anniversary of the first article, find out what I've learned and why it's STILL ok to be stuck. Head over to Elephant Journal to read “Five Ways to Be Stuck that Don't Suck.” I'd love to hear what you think about it.