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Best Exogenous Ketones 2023: Research Based Facts and Why You Might Want to Use Them

There are a few burning questions when it comes to exogenous ketones. Who has the best exogenous ketones? What are exogenous ketones benefits? Do you need exogenous ketones? To answer this question I decided to do my own exogenous ketones review. Initially, I tried about eight different brands before determining that Pruvit ketones are the best. As of November 2022, it's 39 months later. I'm still using them every day and have never looked back!

These has been especially popular questions in Germany lately and I want to give a special welcome to my German visitors! My family was originally from Wurzburg, so Germany has a special place in my heart. Whatever country you're from, if you have additional questions about Pruvit exogenous ketones or anything keto related, I encourage you to get in touch! I'd love to help you on your journey.

Read on to learn why Pruvit ketones and products are the best in 2023. They're now the only ones I recommend. Most Pruvit reviews don't even check out other brands, but I tried all of the most popular ones on the market for myself.

There continues to be a ton of discussion about exogenous ketones on Instagram, Reddit and elsewhere. Especially on Instagram, the topic is quite contentious.

In one camp we have those that use exogenous ketones and believe they help them with their health goals. Most of these people focus on the mental and health benefits of exogenous ketones. However, many of them are also promoters for Pruvit or other brands and make money when people purchase their products. That is a bone of contention with a lot of people who feel they can't be sure of people's intentions.

On the other hand, there are those that know the body makes endogenous ketones when a strict keto diet is followed, and thus there is no need to purchase a ketone supplement when your body makes ketones for free. They also believe that the body will burn the exogenous ketones first before burning the body's endogenous ketones thus slowing weight loss.

This argument could have some validity but ignores that weight loss might not be the goal. It also doesn't take into account that exogenous ketones have an appetite suppressant effect that could contribute to weight loss. They also give people extra energy and focus which may contribute to making better food choices and exercising more.

What Are Ketones?

If you found and clicked on this article, you probably already know what ketones are but you're looking for an exogenous ketones review. Let's just do a quick bit of education to make sure we're all on the same page.  Ketones are an organic compound that can be used by the body for fuel. The ability of the body to produce ketones was a huge beneficial adaptation in evolution that allowed humans to go for days without food but still remain sharp and energetic do so they could eventually find or catch food.

Contrary to popular belief, NO amount of carbohydrate consumption is required for the human body and brain to function optimally. Your liver has the ability to create all of the glucose the body and brain needs through a process called gluconeogenesis.

Ketones can supply up to 70 percent of the brain's energy1 and exciting research is finding damaged neurons that can no longer process glucose can still process ketones!

Endogenous vs Exogenous Ketones

Clarifying exogenous and endogenous ketones is pretty simple. Exogenous ketones are a supplement and come from outside the body. The type of ketone in these supplements is shortened as BHB for beta-hydroxybutyrate. Endogenous ketones are the ones your body makes itself when you practice a ketogenic diet or when fasting for an extended time.

Ketones in general have been a topic of interest of mine for a while. Way back in what seems like another lifetime, I was in graduate school for clinical neuropsychology. While I didn't finish the program, the interest in brain function has always stuck with me. This is one of the main reasons I decided to look into this more and do an exogenous ketones review. More and more research is coming out to show the benefits of ketosis and exogenous ketones on brain function. The authors of this study say,

“The brain's utilization of ketones seems to depend mainly on the concentration in the blood, thus many dietary approaches such as ketogenic diets, ingestion of ketogenic medium-chain fatty acids or exogenous ketones, facilitate significant changes in the brain's metabolism. Therefore, these approaches may ameliorate the energy crisis in neurodegenerative diseases, which are characterized by a deterioration of the brain's glucose metabolism, providing a therapeutic advantage in these diseases.”

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links, which means we may get paid a small commission at no additional cost to you if you purchase through this page. You may even save money with some of our special discounts just for the Heal Nourish Grow family. Read our full disclosure here.

The Ketone Discussion

Click here to skip the research and go right to the exogenous ketones review. However, I highly recommend you read the entire article!

There are a few subtleties on both sides of the exogenous ketone argument that go mostly undiscussed. For example, what about people that have trouble getting into ketosis? What about people that may need a higher level of circulating ketones in order to combat disease? What about those that may lose more weight with exogenous ketones because their appetite is suppressed and hunger hormones are balanced by supplementing with the best exogenous ketones2? Is making money from a product that you believe in inherently wrong? What about people that may not want to eat very low carb all the time but would still like to experience the benefits of ketosis?

I'm all about the science and that is where we are about to dive in! Since I do personally practice a strict keto diet and am in ketosis all the time, I was skeptical about the need for exogenous ketones. However, I knew trying them was really the only way to know for sure whether they would help me which is why I wanted to do an exogenous ketones review.

The purpose of this article is threefold, to give the scientific reasons you may want to experiment with supplemental ketones, to show what brands sell the best exogenous ketones (updated for 2022) and to give you my personal experience with taking them.

Why Would You Want to Try Exogenous Ketones?

If you're looking for reasons to try exogenous ketones, there is a lot of research to back them up. Of course, adopting a ketogenic lifestyle is best but what if you're unable or unwilling to do that? I'd rather see people improve their health by any means possible and if that can start with a drink rather than a big diet change, I'm ok with that. There are exogenous ketone benefits that add value whether you're eating strictly keto or not.

That's one of the reasons why I'm doing an exogenous ketones review to start with…to see whether this supplement has the ability to have people experience ketosis outside of diet. A Pruvit review alone wasn't going to cut it, I wanted to try all of the  most popular brands on the market so I'd really know which brand has the best exogenous ketones.

There are so many people entrenched in eating the standard American diet. Many also still believe the government has their best interests at heart in regards to diet. You may not be able to convince them otherwise, but you might be able to get them to try a new drink (enter exogenous ketones). If people can experience ketosis, maybe it acts as a motivation to change their diet as well.

As always, consult your health or medical provider before deciding to take any supplements. The information contained here can not substitute for or be construed as medical advice. I am not a medical professional.

By the way, if you want to learn more about how our dietary guidelines (based on no good science) came to be, read The Big Fat Surprise.

Reported Benefits

There are several things that ketones can do for your health, whether your body makes them or whether you supplement with them.

Anecdotal reports from those in a state of ketosis include greater mental clarity and focus, weight loss, better sleep, decreased inflammation, appetite suppression, migraine management and increased sports performance among other benefits.

Updated 5/22/2020 to add: Now that I've been using these myself consistently for 8 months I'm hooked. I'm definitely experiencing benefits that include appetite suppression/regulation, mental clarity beyond my keto diet alone and anxiety reduction. Ketones act as an anti-inflammatory in the body which has major implications for multiple body symptoms including brain health.

Updated 12/31/2021 to add: Still using these daily after 28 months and doing the 60 hour reboot fast monthly. These have been a great addition to my overall wellness program and while you don't NEED supplements to experience ketosis, I find these make my day to day decisions a lot easier.

These benefits are backed by research either on ketosis through diet or fasting, exogenous ketones or both.

Like all research, some ketone studies have the common issues with extending research to the general population including confounding variables, small sample size and research generally being done on males or only animal models.

Purpose of Exogenous Ketones Review

This article is not meant to be a comprehensive review of the existing research. It's all fascinating but that would bore you to tears if you're not a researcher! However, that is what actually has to be done for real research. Did you know every time someone publishes a paper they have to try to dig up all previous related research first? One of the fabulous things I learned in grad school.

If there is a particular area in which you want to take a deep dive, all you need to do is search ketones, exogenous ketones, ketosis, keto diet, etc. on PubMed. That's where you can find peer-reviewed, published research, not just someone's opinion. You'll come up with plenty.

The research on the role of ketones is in its infancy but there are a lot of promising results. I'll keep updating this exogenous ketones review and specifically, Pruvit review as time goes on. Pruvit is leading the ketones conversation and has lots of cool new things coming in 2022.

As more comes to light, there will likely be more companies that want to get involved in funding research and selling ketones. There is money to be made in telling people they can be helped by drinking a supplement rather than changing their diet.

While there are some companies such as Real Ketones funding consumer studies, there are others that just rely on the research already being produced by the scientific community. They also have a formulation that utilizes racemic ketones which are poorly utilized by the body and could even damage receptor sites. That's why Pruvit ended up winning this exogenous ketones review.

For that reason, finding trusted resources for your exogenous ketones is important. As they get more popular, exogenous ketones will likely experience the same issues that exist in the rest of the supplementation market…poor quality, possibly contaminated, etc.

Should You Try Exogenous Ketones?Best Exogenous Ketones

The answer to this question is a personal one, and of course, depends on a few factors. Ketones are approved for use in adults. If you don't mind taking a supplement and you can afford them, then the short answer is why not try them and see for yourself?

There are certainly benefits to be gained and everyone's response is individual. As in many things, what works for you may or may not work for someone else. The only real way to know is to try it.

Hopefully, this exogenous ketones review will help you make that decision.

Do you need exogenous ketones? If you're relatively healthy, maybe not. However, if you want to OPTIMIZE brain function and performance beyond nutritional ketosis, or if you're insulin resistant or fighting disease they may help you with your health goals.

Getting into Ketosis

A recent study looked at the metabolism of exogenous ketones in healthy subjects3. They found ketone drinks lowered blood glucose, free fatty acid and triglyceride concentrations and concluded exogenous ketones are an efficacious way to get into ketosis (remember, ketosis is a metabolic state, not what you eat).

This research concluded that drinking ketones were a viable alternative to diet in the ability to maintain ketosis4.

Although many of us are fine with modifying our diet to a point where we enter the metabolic state of ketosis, it's not always possible for everyone. The inability to keep one's diet low carb diet for any reason or severe insulin resistance, both make it difficult to get into ketosis.

You can test for ketosis with a simple blood meter such as Ketocoachx (use HNG10 for 10 percent off) or Keto Mojo (15 percent off meter with this link).

Exogenous and Endogenous Ketone Research and Benefits


The ketogenic diet has been used to treat epilepsy for decades. Recent research is using exogenous ketones to see if they have the same anti seizure effect.

“As of now, the research is in its infancy; performed primarily in experimental animal models. However, the results from these studies are promising. In various epilepsy and seizure models, ketone ester, ketone salts, and MCTs have shown anti-seizure effects. Because exogenous ketones allow for a rapid induction and level of ketosis that mimics that achieved with KD treatments for epileptic seizures, it is possible that patients would benefit from these supplements in a variety of ways,” reported the Charlie Foundation.

Appetite Suppression

This research specifically on exogenous ketones released in 20185 found that exogenous ketones decreased plasma insulin(fat storage and glucose modulating hormone), ghrelin(the hunger hormone), GLP-1, and PYY levels were significantly lower 2 to 4 hours after consumption. These decreased hormone levels could lead to appetite suppression.

Note that ketones levels during this experiment were around 3.3 millimoles (mm). This is not a level easily achieved by most people unless they're fasting for an extended amount of time.

This is why people may experience fat loss when supplementing with exogenous ketones. They support internal hormonal changes that in turn make it easier to experience the hunger cues of a healthy metabolism rather than a damaged, insulin-resistant metabolism.

The best exogenous ketones for this purpose are ketone salts such as Pruvit, Real Ketones, Ketoned and Perfect Keto. Ketone esters (even more expensive and taste like jet fuel) seem to have a greater role in athletic performance but for appetite suppression and other benefits, drinking ketone salts works fine.

Fat Loss

A group of healthy men experienced greater fat oxidation during exercise after ingestion of exogenous ketones but also some degradation of performance with high-intensity exercise6. This decrease in performance is consistent with anecdotal evidence that exercise performance generally suffers when first starting the keto diet.

Ketones may also help with fat loss through the mechanism of reducing glucose so that hormones stay balanced7. Since insulin signals the body to store fat, anything that helps keep blood glucose and insulin low is a potential help to fat loss/weight management.

The ability for ketone salts to lower blood glucose8 also has great implications for diabetes management.

Thought Leader and Top Researcher on Uses of Exogenous Ketones and Specifically, Pruvit Ketones

From Dr. Ryan Lowery specifically on exogenous ketones only (this whole interview is worth a listen),

And I think it’s been refined since of understanding like, it’s not a magic supplement, it’s not going to magically melt body fat off of your body. If you’re talking about general health to your point of like inhibiting HDAC and somebody’s longevity, there’s a possibility that ketones themselves, there are studies, like in the C. elegans, they were utilizing just exogenous ketones.

They weren’t putting them on a certain diet, they were utilizing exogenous ketones. We’ve done studies in animals, utilizing both a combination of a ketogenic diet and exogenous ketones and saw a slightly better result for like things like increasing brown fat, decreasing food deficiency, which is the amount of weight you gain over the amount of food you consume. So, for general health that’s really the application.

Athletic Performance

This area has a lot of research and is showing the most promise with endurance exercise, mostly with ketone esters. Exogenous ketones and can increase performance9 In highly trained athletes10, exogenous ketones increased performance even in the presence of glucose.

What about the argument that ingesting exogenous ketones slows down fat loss?

“Given the saturation kinetics of KB oxidation by skeletal muscle and curvilinear relationship between oxidation and plasma concentrations, it is likely that there is an optimal range for performance benefits. At present, we speculate that this exists between 1 and 3 mm βHB



I'd love for someone else to interpret this one, but to me, this appears that the theoretical limit is 3mm for muscle utilization of ketones. This doesn't even take into account how much ketone your brain is using for fuel. Since most people that aren't fasting have blood ketone levels between .5 and 1.5 this seems to make the case that the body will not only use the ketones your body is naturally making but also have room to utilize exogenous ketones as well.

This argument also ignores the appetite suppression that comes with ingesting ketones. If a person is able to extend their fast or eat less by ingesting ketones, the net effect will be fat loss.

Effects of Ketones on an already Fat Adapted Person

This was an interesting observation by Dr. Peter Attia. He is keto/fat adapted and experimenting with exogenous ketones,

In addition, the body regulates ketone production via ketonuria (peeing out excess ketones) and ketone-induced insulin release, which shuts off hepatic ketogenesis (the liver making more ketones when you have enough).   The insulin from this process could be increasing glucose disposal which, when coupled with PDH activation, could drive glucose levels quite low.

If that explains the hypoglycemia, it would seem the absence of symptoms can be explained by the work of George Cahill (back in the day; see bottom figure in this post)—when ketone levels are high enough they can dominate brain fuel, even ahead of glucose.

Finally, these compounds seemed to have a profound impact on my appetite (they produced a strong tendency towards appetite suppression). I think there are at least two good explanations for this…appetite regulation—is too interesting to warrant anything less.

So what all this means to me is that even when in nutritional ketosis, there is the ability for the body to utilize more ketones if they were available and any extra is excreted, similar to the way our body processes vitamins.

Brain Health

Because glucose metabolism is impaired after traumatic brain injury, ketones could be of great benefit in recovery12. Ketones are the only known alternative to glucose for cerebral metabolism.

There is also evidence that ketones can help an aging brain13. Both aging and diseased brains display impaired glucose metabolism to different degrees.

Dr. Lilianne R. Mujica-Parodi is finding that while the brain's ability to utilize glucose continues to decline with age, the ability to metabolize ketones for fuel is unchanged14. I had the privilege of hearing her speak about this in October and the implications for using exogenous ketones to treat dementia as well as normal age-related brain function decline are huge.

The Aging Brain

She said that a huge decline in cognitive function occurs between the ages of 47 and 72 due to brain network destabilization. After just one week in ketosis, brain networks stabilize in part because ketones provide 22 percent more ATP (energy). One of the most exciting things I heard was that their lab showed this effect could be duplicated with exogenous ketones. This means someone with cognitive decline that can't or doesn't want to adhere to the ketogenic diet can still be helped!

Based on her research, aging brains naturally have an energy gap and ketones can help bridge that leading to better cognitive performance. If you're over 40 and not willing to go keto, this could be one of the best arguments for trying exogenous ketones.

If you can wade through it, this article15 has a fascinating discussion on brain function, energy sources, normal aging brain and dementia. Alzheimer's disease is now being thought of as type 3 diabetes. Sugar consumption and ketones have amazing implications in brain health.

I also heard Dr. Mary Newport speak which I was very excited about. I previously heard an interview with her on a podcast and it was absolutely amazing. She greatly impacted her husband's Alzheimer's disease through the use of MCT and coconut oil. Alone. You read that right. She has now helped hundreds of others do the same and believes exogenous ketones help as well.

The blend of MCT and coconut oil she used to fight Alzheimer's disease in her husband is sold at this link.

All of her books are now on my reading list, but first up is The Complete Book of Ketones.


Promising results for ketones acting as an antidepressant16.


There is quite a bit of research in this area as well. Dominic D’Agostino and Thomas Seyfried are two of the most prominent researchers in this area. One of D'Agostino's is recent papers concluded that ketone supplements may be useful as an adjunct or alternative to the ketogenic diet17.

Numerous podcasts have interviewed both doctors. If this is a topic you'd like to hear more about, I recommended listening to some of those interviews.

One of his recent studies in animals showed decreased tumor cell viability and prolonged survival [enf_note][/efn_note].

Seyfried uses the Glucose Ketone Index (GKI) as a tool for therapeutic ketosis in the management of cancer. The GKI is the ratio of blood glucose to ketones. Divide blood glucose in mg/dL by 18 (to convert to mm) then divide by the blood ketone level in mm. to get the GKI. For cancer therapy, the value they are looking for is around 118.

If you'd done any extended fasting, you'll know this GKI is very difficult to hit…even in a very insulin sensitive person. This is where supplementing with exogenous ketones could be of real benefit.


Autism could be categorized under brain health, but it's so widespread that it needs its own heading. The Center for Disease Control recently reported that autism rates have increased by 15 percent just over the last two years19. Recent research is showing that ketones may have an effect on cognitive functioning in those diagnosed with autism.

Some speculate that autism may be related to glucose dysregulation. Because of the underlying mechanisms, these researchers suspect that the ketogenic diet may have a real effect on autism but needs more research20. This study released in 2018 found that switching children with autism to a gluten-free diet supplemented with MCT (precursor to ketones) improved21. This study also found the ketogenic diet to be beneficial to brain function in autistic children22.

In addition to the studies that include children using the ketogenic diet for autism treatment, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that ketones help adults with autism function better.


There is plenty of anecdotal evidence and research23 that shows the ketogenic diet helps migraines. There is also a randomized clinical trial24 underway in 2019 to test exogenous ketones as a treatment for migraines.


The ketogenic diet is very anti-inflammatory and helps with blood glucose control. Some evidence is showing just drinking ketones to have an effect on blood glucose as well25. Ketones themselves are anti-inflammatory26 and promote decreased inflammation in the body. A very low carb keto diet outperformed a low carb diet in reducing inflammation markers27.

Too much inflammation is highly related to many diseases, including heart disease.

Who Sells the Best Exogenous Ketones 2023?

Pruvit Review

In typical in Heal Nourish Grow fashion, I wanted to explore the research on this for myself and try a few of them for myself. As of this writing, I have been strict keto for almost three years and low carb for four. I had never tried exogenous ketones until August 2019 when I decided to do this exogenous ketones review and experiment.

However, I've known about them in a very personal way for a couple of years. My sister has been taking them for a while and swears by them. I don't know about you, but I'm much more likely to believe the claims of a close friend or family member when recommending a product.

All exogenous ketones were purchased with my OWN money and this was an expensive undertaking. I tried Pruvit, Real Ketones, Ketoned and Perfect Keto, all of which are well-known brands. Pruvit has several patents on exogenous ketones as does Real Ketones.

Note of Caution on Exogenous Ketones

One of the biggest things that became apparent to me in trying all of these different ketones is that they're not all made the same. Keto has become very popular and there a plenty of supplement makers jumping on that bandwagon. Pruvit exogenous ketones are by far the best. However, most Pruvit reviews don't even look at other brands.

Pruvit exogenous ketones are bioidentical and naturally fermented. They have multiple patents and are now the only brand I trust to put into my body.

After even more research I discovered that most ketones on the market are mostly racemic ketones with L BHB that can't be utilized by your body. Those are a complete waste of money. Pruvit uses the D BHB form isomers which are the only ones that bioidentical and able to be used by your body. The whole video is informative but you can view a  discussion of this in minutes 5-9.

Do Exogenous Ketones Work?

If you want to know whether the best exogenous ketones on the market “work”, you first need to define what “work” means. Since the point of exogenous ketones is to raise your blood ketone level in that sense they all worked. At least for me.

Blood ketone levels with all of the supplements were raised .5mm to 1.5 mm over my baseline reading. In my body, Pruvit ketones raised my levels the most. An hour after drinking, my blood ketone levels were generally at least 1mm higher than baseline. They also lasted the longest with still elevated levels beyond my normal at the six-hour mark.

I tested blood ketones using both the Ketocoachx (use HNG10 for 10 percent off) and Keto Mojo (15 percent off meter with this link).

Pruvit ketones are bioidentical and naturally fermented. According to the company website, “with patent -pending KetoNAT™ BHB salts, facilitates quick absorption of ketones which allows a state of ketosis to be reached faster than ever for unrivaled results.” Perhaps this technology allows better absorption of its exogenous ketones than others. Real Ketones product is also bioidentical.

How ketones are made matters. They're not all the same and not all of them work. If you choose to buy a lower quality exogenous ketone you might be throwing money down the drain. According to an interview with ketone researcher Dom D'Agostino, different exogenous ketones work differently in the body. Quality is a huge consideration here.

If you're defining how ketones “work” in some other way then your conclusion my be different.

What Do Exogenous Ketones Do for Normal People?

Many of the studies mentioned above look at using ketones for various diseases and conditions. But how do ketones work for normal people? For that, you can look at the results from the athletic studies and research on normal volunteers. Companies selling ketones promote the following benefits.

PruvitBest Exogenous Ketones

  • Supports healthy cell function
  • Rapidly repairs DNA
  • Boosts immune function
  • Elevates essential amino acids necessary for optimizing body composition

KetondBest Exogenous Ketones

  • Manage weight
  • Maximize cognition
  • Feel more energetic in a low carbohydrate environment

Real KetonesPruvit Ketones Review

  • Acts as a “brain tonic”
  • Offers glucose control support
  • Enhances overall performance
  • Improves general overall health

Perfect KetoBest Exogenous Ketones

  • Curb appetite during intermittent fasting
  • Energize you through the afternoon slump
  • Fuel body with ketones
  • Ease transition to ketosis
  • Combat keto flu symptoms

When attending a recent conference, I spoke with several people about exogenous ketones. Between those conversations and anecdotal evidence online, the most common effects of exogenous ketones include weight loss, better sleep, more focus, more energy, better workouts and appetite suppression.

My Personal Experience with Drinking Exogenous Ketones

Since deciding to write this exogenous ketones review, I tried eight different exogenous ketones.

What I have experienced personally while supplementing with the best exogenous ketones (leaving out the two that weren't in the “best” category) is blood glucose reduction, appetite suppression and more focus.

I was really hoping for the more energy bonus but I have yet to experience that one! I'd describe what I experienced on that front more like non-jittery focus rather than any discernible energy.

For the record, I'm in ketosis all the time already through my strict diet so the benefits I experience may be more blunted than for those who eat more carbs or have been in ketosis for a shorter amount of time.

Which Brand Has the Best Exogenous Ketones?

This is obviously a subjective conclusion based on a number of factors. First, I am looking at how I felt after consuming, Next, I'm considering the taste (some exogenous ketones definitely taste WAY better than others) and price.

Exogenous Ketones Review: Price

In general, ketones are fairly expensive. However, when you put this cost in the context of taking other dietary supplements or in place of a daily Starbucks, exogenous ketones definitely seem more affordable.

Macros and IngredientsKetone Supplement Price Review
Pruvit Ketones Ingredients and MacrosPruvit Ketones Review: Pruvit (12.6g proprietary blend) is the most expensive coming in at $6.50 a serving. However, they have frequent sales and with those, the cost comes down to about $5.00 per serving. Right now they have a new 10-day experience pack so you can try them for yourself for just $99, which is close to a 25 percent discount on the ketones plus 10 free electrolyte packs. It's a great way to try most of the flavors and get a good sense of whether they work for you.


You can also earn free product both as a customer and a promoter. If earning a few extra dollars and free product interests you, let's chat!

Perfect Keto ReviewPerfect Keto Review: The cost of Perfect Keto (11.38g BHB) exogenous ketone base is $56.99 for 15 servings which works out to $3.79 per serving. However, if you use the code HNG15 at checkout you can bring the cost per serving down to $3.23 per serving.
Ketond KetonesKetond Review: There are two options for Ketond (11.7g BHB), the 30 serving container or to go sticks. The 30 serving size is $79.95 or $2.67 each serving. Use the code HNG15 at checkout to bring the cost per serving to $2.27.
Best Exogenous KetonesReal Ketones Review: Finally, Real Ketones (13g proprietary blend) is $49.99 for a 28 serving container or $89.99 for a 56 serving container. The larger one is a slightly better deal than the smaller size at $1.60 per serving. Use the code HNG10 at checkout to bring the cost down to $1.44 per serving.

As you can see, based on price alone, Real Ketones is the clear winner. Too bad that racemic ketones are not utilized well by the body so the cost savings really does nothing. However, with Pruvit vs Real Ketones there is no contest. Pruvit flavors are amazing and of course, they have the multi-patented, bioidentical technology that ensures your body can actually utilize them. Racemic ketones are a waste of money.

Exogenous Ketones Review: Taste

It's fairly common for some people to dislike the taste of ketones. After all, it's a lot of minerals and salt and can taste like that. Just be thankful we're not experimenting with ketone esters here, just the salts. I've heard numerous people say ketone esters taste like rocket fuel and make them gag! I would like the taste of ketone salts to something more like an electrolyte drink.

Fortunately, ketone salts are much more palatable! So who has the best exogenous ketones based on taste? For me, this was extremely easy to judge. Of all of the ketones I reviewed, Pruvit ketones won the taste category easily. The least expensive brand, Real Ketones was my runner up for taste.

All of the ketones I tested taste fairly strong. With the recommended amount of water on all of them between 10 and 16 ounces, there is a somewhat salty taste. None of them were undrinkable, but some were not exactly pleasurable except for Pruvit ketones. I genuinely like the taste of its flavors although using the recommended amount of water it tastes way too sweet to me. Mixed in 26-30 ounces of water Pruvit ketones are very tasty to me. It comes out with new flavors and special editions quite often.

You can also mix ketones with other beverages. Try almond milk or use them as a zero carb cocktail mixer.

Exogenous Ketones Review: Effect

So what about the effects of the best exogenous ketones on the market? You've already read the research and some of the experiences I've read and heard personally from others. But this review is about my personal experience, so boiling it down again…for me:

  • Reduced blood sugar
  • Non-jittery alertness
  • Increased focus
  • Appetite suppression

All of these effects are on top of what I already experience from the ketogenic diet. I'm in ketosis all of the time. I suspect for someone who isn't as strict with their diet they might notice more of an effect. Over time, the combination of increased blood sugar regulation and appetite suppression could lead to some additional fat loss. Fingers crossed!

For the way I felt after taking them, my favorite are Pruvit ketones. It was the most balanced and kept my ketones elevated for the longest. It was also the one that raised my ketones the most for the longest amount of time, up to 2.5mm more than baseline measurement for up to seven hours, depending on what I had eaten as well.

Later I did testing with a continuous glucose monitor and also found that Pruvit ketones consistently lower my blood sugar by 20 to 30 points.

Ketond made me feel a bit more jittery. The other brands raised ketones for varying amounts of time up to about 1mm and 4 hours maximum.

Exogenous Ketones Review, Overall Winner: Pruvit Ketones

Since Pruvit ketones provided the most elevation of ketones in my body for the longest amount of time and tastes great, I give them the top position in this review despite the higher cost. You also really need to consider that while the competitor racemic ketones are generally less expensive, your body can't even use them. I'd rather see you skip ketones altogether than waste your money on ineffective ketones.

If you're interested in trying Pruvit I offer discounted trials and can help you save money on future orders!

The exogenous ketones benefits I experience from the Pruvit brand make them worth it to me. It was also the only ketone supplement that reliably lowered by blood sugar and the one I felt best on.

I'm updating this to add that I've now been using Pruvit ketones on a daily basis since August 2019 and love them. They give me the energy and focus to make better health decisions each day. As of December, I've completed 32 reboots and always feel amazing. I've been fasting for a few years but doing the reboot assisted fast has make it so much easier that I do it more often. My goal was to complete a keto reboot every month in 2020 and 2021 and as of now that goal has been achieved! Looking forward to another 12 months of 60 hour keto reboots in 2022.

I'm setting the same goal for myself in 2023. Drink Pruvit ketones daily and keto reboot at least once a month. I'd love to have you join me so please let me know if you have any questions.