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Best Prime Day Deals 2023

Well it's here again! Amazon Prime days have finally arrived. While I'm busy shopping and looking for the best prime day deals for myself, I figured I'd share my findings with you! Just over 6 hours into the sale I already have a few items ordered and I'll continue to update this list with the things I find until it's over. I won't go into a lot of detail about why I chose the things you see here but I ALWAYS research for the larger purchases, both in the Amazon reviews and elsewhere online. 

Note that the price they're showing in the photo is the regular price, not the sale price. You'll get the prime day pricing once you click through. Let's get started!

I couldn't believe what a deal this is on these knives! They're usually $120 for the set but with the price over half off and an additional 40 percent off coupon, they come to just $30!

This baking set is technically for bacon, but it's also perfect for reverse searing your steaks…my preferred method.

With the amount of meat we eat, I save money by buying it in bulk with one of my favorite online meat brands or whenever it's on sale at the store. I hate freezer burn though and have wanted to get a vacuum sealer for quite a while. This one is highly rated and recommended by Food and Wine magazine and comes with a five year warranty.

I've had a fitbit for years. It helps you keep track of lots of different health metrics like steps, heart rate, oxygen saturation and more. I currently use the sense model but they're all useful and on sale at various prices.

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There is only one outlet near my sink and since I have my Nira Laser (fight wrinkles at home) HEALNOURISHGROW for 10 percent off), Nuface (wrinkles and lifting) and Sonicare Diamond (teeth) all plugged in there it's a bit difficult! This handy little outlet extender with USB ports will help a lot.

Collagen has so many health benefits for skin, hair, nails and joints! I've been using Sparkle for a few months now in addition to my usual morning keto kreme. Great sale below beyond what you usually get at their website and good to stock up now since they just announced a price increase. I use both the skin and joint formulas daily.

Speaking of the Sonicare, I've been using one for years. Gets your teeth cleaner than you will believe and if you've seen my teeth, you know how obsessive I am!

Ditch the plastic storage containers and switch to glass! I did a while back…better for your health with no cancer-causing chemicals to leach into your food and better for the environment.

I've debated getting an instant pot for a long time. Mostly, I use a crock pot for this purpose, but the fact that the instant pot has more settings and I can use it for larger batches of yogurt making (my new obsession) put me over the edge on finally getting one.

Next, we have an air purifier. I've had several in the house over the years, but living in the high desert of Utah there is a lot more dust. This model is also highly praised for getting rid of smells, which can definitely be useful in a house where there is so much cooking! I've had my eye on it for a while and it's on sale for prime day!

If you don't have a robot vacuum yet, it's life-changing! Even more life-changing is having one that mops and if you go with the one that cleans itself. Well. Can you imagine?!!? That one is pricey but it's discounted 45 percent right now, along with some other models that are more affordable. I have both Ecovacs and iRobot and both work well.