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Whole Family Diet Change for Weight Loss and Autism: 15

In this episode, Katie and I chat about how she transitioned her entire family to a lower carb lifestyle. She shares about the difference in her own life as well as how cutting out sugar affected her son who has autism, keto and autism just go together.

Katie talks about how there is keto substitute for almost anything, whether cheat days are worth it and how she's made keto her lifestyle. We actually recorded this episode almost a year ago so some of the comments might be slightly dated but all of the content is still completely relevant.

We both agree sticking to keto for several months in the beginning is critical to success and allows you more freedom later. She also has some great thoughts on when/how/whether you should cheat or go off plan. Katie has some great tips as well about introducing kids to reading labels and how to get your kids on board with a different lifestyle. Our best tip is to lead by example and let kids see the choices you're making without being super dogmatic. Just plant the seed!

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