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Keto Pantry Essentials

This is a list of pantry items Heal Nourish Grow has found to be most useful when following a keto diet. While the list is not comprehensive, all products are tried by us personally are have been useful in creating daily healthy dishes, snacks and keto treats. For the most part, we avoid processed foods as much as possible, so you won’t see a lot of protein powders or bars.

The products we choose to use have only the highest quality ingredients and no fillers. We use organic whenever possible and we choose raw nuts so that they aren’t roasted in cheap oils. Though we may receive a small commission through Amazon, there is no additional cost to you and we only recommend products we have personally tested and like! Most of these products can also be found in the local grocery or health food store.

Please be sure to check the nutrition label. Of course, things that work well in one person’s keto diet may not work for everyone. What you choose to eat depends on your goals and food tolerances. 

If you're just starting out with keto, be sure to check out our Complete Beginners Guide to the Ketogenic Diet to learn more about the how and why with science to back it up.