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21 Day Fat Loss Kickstart

The 21 Day Fat Loss Kickstart simplifies keto. Learn how to make the switch to lower carb eating the easy way and how to incorporate fasting. If you're a complete beginner, you'll learn how to get started with keto and the benefits of eating this way. If you're already experienced with keto, you'll learn how to break stalls, utilize the 21 day protocol for maximum fat loss and how to make keto a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

Alternating periods of dieting with diet breaks will keep you sane, make eating this way sustainable and keep your metabolism in high gear! Learn to practice the skills you need to end the dieting cycle for good by making low carb eating and fasting your lifestyle rather than another diet.

The 21 day protocol offers a unique blend of extended fasting, intermittent fasting, protein sparing modified fast (PSMF) and low carb keto eating to get you into deep ketosis where you shed fat while not feeling hungry.

The real beauty of this program is the diet “break” where you'll eat at maintenance and practice the skills you need to make this healthier way of eating a permanent part of your lifestyle without feeling deprived.

You'll learn more about the science backed benefits of ketosis and fasting.

  • Why keto isn't just about weight loss, research backed benefits for cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and more
  • Getting more insulin resistant as we age, keto and higher protein can be great for menopause
  • How ketosis helps balance your hunger hormones, making it easier to make better food choices
  • Why fasting is an important part of weight loss and maintenance as well as great for longevity and metabolic health
  • Why eating an ancestrally consistent diet is important
  • Exactly what you need to do in the 21 day fat loss kickstart protocol
  • Why you need to be eating more protein for optimal body composition and greater health (hint: the RDA is only a minimum to prevent deficiency, not what needed for health)
  • The importance of diet breaks for mental and physical health
  • How to integrate your new, healthy habits and reintroduce more carbs to make this lifestyle sustainable

And much more! Want to hear more about the book? Be sure to check out episode 28 and episode 22 of the Heal Nourish Grow podcast. You can also read the first chapter for free here or purchase it on Amazon.

21 Day Fat Loss Kickstart Reviews

Most Keto diets are way too strict, overwhelming or difficult to follow. Cheryl has a unique approach to keto that is healthier and more sustainable than anything else I've seen. I highly recommend her book to anyone who is “keto-curious,” but sick of overly restrictive diets or complicated meal plans.

By incorporating “diet breaks” and strategies for overcoming common obstacles (when life, emotions and others get in the way), Cheryl has created the only book on eating that you'll ever need.

— Matt Rud

EVERYONE can benefit from this book! If you are looking to lose weight, feel better or just take your health to the next level and optimize, this is for you! Cheryl does an amazing job of breaking down information that can be overwhelming. Her 21 day plan is easy to follow and can be customized to work with anyones lifestyle or busy schedule. She explains the why and science behind everything in an easy to read and understand format. One week into the 3 weeks and I already see a huge improvement in how I feel and how my clothes fit!

— Jessi Christian

I am looking forward to putting this to work, and try the Keto Diet again. I was on it for a while, and it improve my health, but it was too easy for me to get out of it.
This will help me get back into it, and do it the right way (slower, with more intentions).
It has step by step instructions, easy to follow, and also the why's, which will help.

Cheryl does a great job of breaking down the information that can be overwhelming.
Her plan can be customized to work with anyones lifestyle, or busy schedule.

— Werner

After following Cheryl’s Heal Nourish Grow content for many years, I was very excited for the release of her first book! Whether you’re new to keto and intermittent fasting, just need a refresher or need to switch things up to get through a plateau, this book is perfect for you! I love the idea of following a simple plan for 21 days and then getting to relax for a bit to prevent diet fatigue. I’m starting my first 21 day cycle tomorrow and am quite excited!

— Justin

What a well written book! Full of science backed facts and easy to come back to. As someone who has been intermittent fasting for years there is always something new to learn about that process as well as ketosis. It is not just about losing the weight it is about maintaining an overall good healthy lifestyle and this book shares just that! I would highly suggest to anyone looking for this type of content.

— Kelly Ann Gorman